Friday, May 23, 2008

May 19th 2008

Today we set off on our road trip. The plan is to drive clockwise from California hugging the coast whenever possible and taking our time - we have four months.

The van - a '93 Town & Country with 247,890 miles on the clock - has been readied; tuned up, fluids checked, cleaned out.

We have more resolutions than luggage. In fact, travelling light is one of the resolutions. We stole an idea from Jenn's brother, Jordan, we each wear a wrist band - a charm to ward off the fast food demons ready to tempt us - which we can't remove until we return to CA. Do you want to make bets on how long that will last?

I tried to think of a Dave Gormanesque gimmick so we could write a travel book. But who needs another one of those? (If I think of a good one, I might take that back.)

It feels strange to be setting out with no plans and no farewell. I was worried we'd have the usual roads for the first few hours, but tucked between all the same old freeways is Highway 20, which, after 5 miles, is already unfamiliar. Trailor parks and fruit stands - we'll have to try and buy from these road side vendors whenever possible. It must be a lot cheaper and we only have 40 dollars a day after gas.


Anonymous said...

Mom and I still disappointed we were not home to see you off. Getting a little gas of our own.
( New Orleans Style)
Dan and Lori

Peter said...

hey lol hope your havin fun