Friday, May 23, 2008

May 20th 2008

We woke up early after our first night (and first sleepless night) of camping.

On the cliffside at Westport Union Landing, with the cold sea breeze, it wasn't the hot summer night I'd expected. We'd climbed down to the beach to collect driftwood and stolen a flame from a nighbour's firepit. It didn't last long and as it was getting dark and the tide was coming in we decided to let it die and go to bed. We'll have to get a couple of blankets before camping again.

Luckily tonight we are staying with Jenn's grandma Nordell in Bandon, Oregon. From Westport to Bandon takes us North on The Avenue of the Giants - a redwood forrest with the world's largest trees, some featuring road tunnels, some: rooms carved into their ancient stumps, and then a 'magnetic anomoly' at The Gravity House.

A short detour to the Victorian town of Ferndale, for lunch at Poppa Joes before the long drive into Oregon.

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